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Secure your Investment - Purchase Bank guarantee 

                    Receive Your Owned Bank Guarantee (BG) Today!

Bond2Bond offers many types of financial instruments to those that are seeking to have a secure investment and yet high returns on their money . There are many ways and forms to have collaterals to your investment but no one can argue that bank guarantee or LC are the most trustable and secure collaterals to your mony of investments . We work with many investors from Europe, and North American banking institutions and rapidly expanding our activity worldwide.


World Top Banks issues our Purchase of Bank Guarantee, and we use the Bank SWIFT Network, Bloomberg, Euroclear or DTC for delivery of these banking instruments. We achieve this through the use of SWIFT MT799 and  SWIFT MT760 or Screen Block and Pay via Bloomberg, Euroclear or DTC.

We Protect Our Client Deposits Fully Through 2 Levels of Protection You never have to worry about your security with our two levels of protection:​

Bank Guarantee via secure swift Bank to Bank

Geo redundancy so all your data secure and backed up 


and more...

Bond2Bond - Secure financial instruments at your Service

Who We Are

Bond2Bond is a financial management firm specializing in consulting and capital allocation. As a experience and growing firm with international reach, we assist in helping you grow your wealth, manage and minimize risk by creating a secure platform based on our expertise and wide variety of global assets, access to Bank guarantees and financial instruments or provide financial solutions supported by top banks for companies seeking to expand and reorganize.

 Bond2bond Interests

Bond2Bond is not bound by industry, sector or geographic boundaries in its quest for the most secure investments with best possible return . We are primarily interested in private equity, providing capital to purchase available Bank guarantees. We also employ short-and medium term positions in real estate as well as more traditional activities in various funds and traditional assets.

The Process

We pride ourselves on our rigorous process for allocating capital and bank guarantees. While we sometimes have medium term positions open, we don’t consider ourselves market speculators. Bond2Bond employs a rigorous review process that includes full due diligence, bank licensing review and verification  and authentication of all financial instruments. all this before a decision can be made by our capital and Bank guarantees allocation committee.

The  Advantages when you Purchase a Bank Guarantee (BG) / Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) from Bond2Bond

  1. Program operated with Bank Guarantees from Top World Banks

  2. BG’s/SBLC’s are available in both USD or Euro Currencies

  3. No purchase rate for the Investor 

  4. 10 Days to Complete Full process 

  5. MT799 Pre advice Is not obligatory 

  6. Corporate Refund Undertaking protects your Deposit

  7. Low investor Documentation Required

  8. Simple Delivery of MT760 direct to your Bank or trustee

  9. All Purchased BG/SBLC’s are Freshly Cut and customized specifically for each investor

  10. Relatively high annual returns on your money for private investors as well

BOND CANADA LIMITED - Corporation Number 069839-3

Table of rates 2018

Purchase Bank Guarantee (BG) Owned Deposit Requirements:
  • 10M  BG - $250,000
  • 20M  BG - $280,000
  • 30M  BG - $300,000
  • 50M  BG - $320,000
  • 70M  BG - $350,000
  • 100M BG - $400,000
  • 150M BG - $450,000
  • 200M BG - $500,000
  • 300M BG - $600,000
  • 400M BG - $650,000
  • 500M BG - $800,000
Dual Financial Requirements:

When you Purchase Bank Guarantee (BG) Owned clients must meet two financial requirements:

  1. Clients MUST be able to pay the above Deposit to have the BG Delivered to their bank.

  2. Clients MUST be able provide a Bank Comfort Letter (BCL) proving they have the funds in their account currently to pay for the 48+2 cost of the BG when it is delivered.

                These two important criteria are Non Negotiable!

* Prices in USD

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