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Process for Financial and bank instrument Selection

Before purchasing any financial instrument, the firm goes through its rigorous review process for determining the strength of the financial institution and potential to create a strong return. Our skilled underwriters have helped build a reputation for due-diligence and – ultimately – reliable risk management within the firm.


Prior to reaching our underwriters, the financial institution under review proceeds through several steps, starting with the initial vetting and detailed analysis via our in-house market and asset class experts. In some cases  a financial audit may be performed. On some financial classes, we also make use of our in-house developed risk-analysis system.


Successful financial institution go to a senior committee for final review and approval before any  bank guarantee can be allocated.


During the period in which we are invested in the financial institution periodic reviews of the financial institution are made, in addition to the ongoing monitoring to ensure compliance with any agreements we have, ensure contractual obligations are met, and ensure the asset’s stability. 


Other Determining Factors


We are not market speculators – We favor investments with solid fundamentals that will show solid growth over the long-term regardless of temporary market conditions. To that end we have a strong reliance on our exports to know their markets and our expertise with analyse allocate and purchase bank instruments.


A broad spread is the safest hedge against riskBond2Bond capital is spread around a wide variety of industries, markets and asset classes – we specialize in no single area – in order to ensure that we can help and provide secure investing platform  to our private clients .